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Michele’s artwork illustrates the questions behind identity and location, and how decision­making can be affected

by the pull of these ideas.

Michele’s artwork explores ideas on belonging. Ideas surrounding decision making and how a sense of belonging for a location is tested or strengthened are often explored. Trees and

horses are signifiers of a rural upbringing and the idea of a pull or return to that kind of life is sometimes expressed in her work. Text and numbers feature as personal reminders of

times, particular ages and locations. Information is often embedded into the surface texture of the work, detailing the layered thought processes around some departures and returns. Michele uses a range of media to create her work such as hand­drawn maps carved into wood, metal, printmaking, mold­making techniques, resin, glass, and oil on board, choosing the medium to best suit the concept behind the work. Her work is represented in private and public collections nationally and internationally.

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